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Featured Customer Success Story: Brookside Home Upgrades to High-Efficiency Champion® System

The Carrolls have been Top Notch VIP customers for over 20 years, and now their Armour Fields home has two higher-efficiency systems from Top Notch. During their Spring Maintenance check last year, technician Sean Barger found their 30+-year-old unit was leaking water due to a corroding A/C pan.

“It was no longer economical to keep repairing such an old A/C and to keep a furnace just as outdated,” said Mike Carroll. “We’d seen such a dramatic savings in utility bills when we upgraded our attic system a few years back that we knew it was time to get rid of that old energy hog in
the basement, too.” In August Top Notch installed a high- efficient Champion® furnace and A/C downstairs.

“Our new Champion® system is quiet and takes up half the space of the old one,” he continued. “And we’ve made it through the hottest part of the summer and an entire winter now and have yet to see an energy bill of over $200. Before this, we could see bills nearing $400 at peak times.”

Carroll added that the bid was extremely fair and explained in detail and included astonishing warranties backed by a 10-year maintenance package from Top Notch. “Another contractor that installed our new utility flue liner commended Top Notch for its flawless installation and the KCMO city inspector also made this similar claim – “I love to see such clean work from an HVAC contractor!”