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Localized heating: garage heaters & mini-splits

As the holidays arrive, the temperatures continue to drop. While things cool down, sections of our homes can reach bitterly cold temperatures without the help of centralized heating. Be it a garage or a room that doesn’t receive the circulation it needs, Top Notch has a variety of solutions to make sure every part of your home stay comfortable this winter.

Garage Heaters

Particularly if you use your garage as a workshop or other work space, a garage heater may be a helpful option for your comfort. Garage heaters operate separately from a home’s central heating, and are optimized to keep your garage comfortable despite colder and colder days ahead. Working in a cold garage can seriously impede productivity that can arise from the need to taking breaks or bundle up to stay warm while working. Keeping a warm garage helps you to do the work you need to do efficiently.

Not only this, but another clear benefit of a garage heater is the stable condition it will keep your vehicles in. Kansas winters can become pretty brutal, and a garage heater will help to combat the adverse effects this extreme weather could have on your cars. Some benefits include keeping coolant at a warmer temperature, making your car easier to start, removing the need to scrape ice or snow off of windows, and making those first couple of minutes driving far more comfortable for you and yours.

Ductless mini-splits

Similarly, you may remember a room in your home that doesn’t receive adequate heating from your furnace, remaining uncomfortably cold compared to the rest of your home. Especially with so many of us working from home every day, keeping our rooms and home offices comfortable is incredibly important. Luckily, Top Notch offers ductless mini-split systems that are perfect for correcting these potentially uncomfortable discrepancies.

Mini-splits are perfect for any room in your home, and their versatility can suit any needs that you might have for your space. They have a small footprint, a variety of styles and mounting positions, and are incredibly easy to install. These factors allow you to access their benefits without facing issues of space or style. They’re also incredibly quiet, perfect for a home office or any other room in which you will be spending a lot of time.

These mini-split systems are highly efficient and very reliable, only needing inspection and maintenance once a year to keep it in prime operating condition. They also allow for specialized zoning in your heating/AC, allowing you to control the temperature in one specific area, rather than your entire home. This significantly cuts your heating and cooling costs. Additionally, due to their ductless nature, they never experience the degree of energy loss that occurs during ventilation in a centralized unit. These factors make ductless systems highly cost-effective, bringing you the comfort you need without breaking the bank.

Top Notch cannot recommend these products enough, and both garage heaters and ductless mini-splits are just a call or click away. Click here or call (913) 535-8002 to schedule a bid appointment today!