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Commercial Air Conditioning Repair near Lawrence

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair near Lawrence

It can take mere minutes for your commercial business to grind to an unproductive halt if your air conditioning equipment goes down. Our summers are hot and humid, and you need your cooling systems working at their best to ensure employee comfort and health. That’s why Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is your best choice for commercial AC repair in Kansas City and the surrounding areas!

Our trained AC repair technicians offer the best in comprehensive diagnostics and repair services. For over four decades, our HVAC company has been the one to turn to for quality services and dependable results. We understand exactly how problematic poor cooling quality can be for your business, and we put our entire skillset and focus on getting things back to normal as soon as possible.

Need commercial air conditioner repair “near my location” in Kansas City, MO or Lawrence, KS? Contact Top Notch online to schedule service, or call to connect with a skilled commercial AC tech now!

When to Call for Commercial Air Conditioner Repair

It’s of the utmost importance that you schedule AC repair as soon as you notice something has gone amiss with your system. In most cases an air conditioner will continue to try and operate, even in poor condition, and this often results in complete AC failure; occasionally it can even lead to premature system replacement.

Contact our commercial AC repair team if you notice:

  • Higher energy costs. A cooling system will often run longer and harder in an attempt to compensate for other issues, which means your monthly or quarterly energy costs are a good gauge of your AC system’s health.
  • Loud or unusual noises. Unusual noises typically come from components that are worn out, damaged, or out of place. This can be a huge issue if left alone for any amount of time, so be sure to call for service as soon as possible.
  • Strange odors from the vents or unit itself. Funky odors and poor air quality often point to a lack of AC maintenance, but they can also mean clogs in your ventilation system or mechanical issues.
  • Leaking around the cooling unit. Leaking cooling systems are not long from a complete breakdown, and can also expose other electrical and mechanical systems to risks. Whether the issue is a refrigerant leak, unit freezing, or frost on your evaporator coils, Top Notch can provide the repairs you need.

Schedule Commercial Air Conditioner Repair with Top Notch in Kansas City & Lawrence

Regardless of the size or scale of your air conditioner issues, it is our team’s number one goal to provide swift, precise, and comprehensive repairs. The productivity of your business depends on having an effective comfort system in place, and our team fully understands that fact. That’s why Top Notch uses the best training and diagnostic tools in the business to ensure you get a quality repair every time.

For cooling equipment repair and commercial AC repair services contact Top Notch online now!

Our Reviews

I have been doing business with Top Notch for years… this is actually the third home I have had them doing service at. I subscribe to their VIP service, a tune-up in the summer and again in the winter. Well worth the money. Their techs know their stuff and I feel confident in their recommendations. I highly recommend Top Notch Heating & Air Conditioning!

- Jason, Overland Park

Top Notch provides first class service! Every time I call, I am treated like their most important customer. You are treated like family when you do business with Top Notch. Mike was very knowledgeable in explaining our options and all the various tax credit and utility programs available to us as consumers. We couldn’t be more pleased!

- John R.

Top Notch offers a great service. We are VIP members, which provides great benefits like reduced pricing on parts, yearly maintenance on heating/air units and no waiting if you have a problem. They offer peace of mind. The technicians are always very friendly and professional. We have been customers of Top Notch since we have owned our home. I would recommend them to our friends and family.

- Kevin, Olathe