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If you live in an older or historic home in the Kansas City metro or Johnson County, Missouri area, the thought of having to install the ductwork necessary for a central air conditioner can be enough to make you want to stick with window units and fans. If your home was constructed before central air conditioners were widely used, installing ductwork can be messy, expensive, and possibly in violation of building codes! But if you’re getting tired of putting up and taking down your portable air conditioners, there is hope – you can install a ductless mini-split air conditioner in your home!

What is a ductless air conditioner?

A ductless air conditioner is, as the name suggests, an air conditioning system that doesn’t require a ductwork system to deliver cool air to your home. Instead, mini-split air conditioners use a small outdoor unit with a compressor attached to a number of quiet indoor coolers that can be installed near the ceiling or above doorways. Each ductless AC cooling unit can be operated individually, allowing for effortless AC zoning and maximized efficiency. Best of all, the indoor and outdoor units of a ductless air conditioning system are extremely easy to install.

While central air conditioners require the installation of complex ductwork, ductless air conditioners can be connected by simple electrical and refrigerant conduits, which require only a three-inch hole behind the cooling unit. You can connect up to four indoor units to each outdoor unit, and since the connecting conduits can be up to 50-ft long, they can be installed in nearly any room in your home.

What are the advantages of ductless air conditioners?

Ductless air conditioners make AC zoning easy

We can even disguise a ductless unit to blend in with your wall!

They use small cooling units for every individual room, so installing a ductless mini-split air conditioner makes it easy to set up AC zones in your home. Most ductless AC systems can accommodate up to four indoor cooling units, and each of these can be controlled individually via its own thermostat. You can even add these units individually, so it’s totally fine if you’re not sure how many units you’ll need at the outset!

Ductless air conditioners save energy

Ductless mini-split air conditioners can help you save energy in a number of ways. First, the energy savings from zoned air conditioning systems are obvious – you can set them up to only cool the areas you need, etc. But that’s not even the best part! Since they don’t require any ductwork, mini-split air conditioners can help you altogether avoid the number one cause of reduced air conditioner efficiency – leaky ductwork! Cooling losses from leaky ductwork are some of the main causes of inefficiency with central air conditioning systems, often responsible for more than 30 percent of energy waste – especially if ducts are in an unconditioned space like the attic or garage.

Ductless air conditioners are quiet

Most people who install mini-split air conditioners tell us that their favorite thing about their new systems is how quiet they are – since the noisy parts of the ductless air conditioner (the compressor and condenser) are located in a small unit outside, only the close-to-silent fan and evaporator units stay inside.

Ductless air conditioning units are hardly noticeable

When some people think about installing a ductless air conditioner in their home, they worry that the indoor cooling units will look out of place and draw unwanted attention. Fortunately, this is rarely, if ever, the case! Ductless air conditioners tend to keep a very low profile, and their often sleek, high-tech jackets come in a variety of colors that won’t look too gaudy or unattractive.

Ductless air conditioners offer increased security

As an added bonus, ductless air conditioners offer an element of home security! Through-the-wall and window-mounted room air conditioners can provide an easy entrance for intruders to get into your house. No one is ever going to fit through the three-inch holes required by ductless air conditioners!

Ductless System Installation & Repair in Kansas City

If you’ve read enough and want to experience the energy saving benefits of a ductless air conditioner, call Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We can install a ductless air conditioner in your Kansas City home and start saving you money on your energy bills today!

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