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Why Is My A/C Line Frozen and How Can I Fix It?

One of the most common questions we and our technicians receive from customers is why, even in the hot, humid Kansas heat, their A/C line is frozen. As is the case with any HVAC issue, there is no single solution to every problem, but there are a few common reasons for this freezing.

What are some common reasons for my line freezing?

The primary reason for your A/C line freezing is that your evaporator coils are getting too cold. The evaporator coils in your system are filled with refrigerant, which in turn absorbs the heat created by your air conditioner. When problems arise with your A/C, the balance of heat-intake and cooling-production can be upset, causing your coils to get too cold and freeze your line.

This upset can be attributed to several variables. These include low refrigerant, refrigerant leaks, accumulation of dirt on coils, dirty filters, and other restrictions of air flow from your system.

What should I do if my line is frozen?

When you first notice an issue, turn off your air conditioner and switch to fan mode. Check filters and vents for any blockages or accumulation of dirt and dust, and replace components as needed. If issues continue, you may need to contact a professional to sort out your system’s problems.

Low or leaking refrigerant

One of these problems could be low refrigerant or a refrigerant leak in your system. When refrigerant is low, the heat cannot properly be extracted from your home, and the pressure within your A/C becomes unbalanced, causing freezing. In this case, one of our technicians can search and rectify a leak, and provide you with a refill of refrigerant to return your system to its proper function.

Malfunctioning blower motor

Another issue may be that your blower motor is not functioning correctly. When a blower motor malfunctions, it doesn’t bring in enough warm air to offset the coils’ cooling, leading to freezing. Our technicians can fix or replace these motors to rectify this imbalance and restore your system.

Obstructions in air flow

Other obstructions can cause this same issue, be it a dirty filter or a collapsed air duct. Removing these blockages is the first step in getting rid of that ice and bringing comfort back to your home.

In any of these cases, seek a professional to diagnose and rectify the issues afflicting your system. Regular maintenance is the best protection against frozen lines, and if you notice freezing in your unit, take immediate action to avoid permanent damage.