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Ways to Keep Cool While Your AC Is Broken

To beat back the extremes of our Kansas City summers, all you really need is the right cooling system. Modern air conditioners can provide all of the cool comfort you require, after all! But, there will come a time when your cooling system is in need of professional ac repair. During this awful, awful situation, you are left bereft of the comfort you’re accustomed to. And knowing most folks luck, it’ll probably be during a real scorcher.

In this situation, you can always depend on the professional team at Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing to restore your system to its former glory! But no amount of miracle work is going to save you from what can be some really rough hours while you wait on your ac repair. That is, unless you have the right know-how!

Staying Cool During an AC Repair

When it comes to surviving the worst while waiting on your ac repair to complete, it’s all about being prepared. Knowing what to do, and having a backup plan goes a very long way in keeping you comfy while you wait. Try some of our favorites out:

  • Close up the home. Many people initially react to air conditioner failure by opening everything. Windows, doors, anything that might create a draft and bring blessed relief. But in reality, this is actually an awful idea during the daytime. Primary because this exposes your home to sunlight, which generates massive amounts of thermal energy (heat).
  • Take a trip. During a repair, someone has to hang around while the repair team is at work. But not everyone. You may consider sending most members of the family off to grab some lunch, or do a bit of shopping. You might not have air conditioning at the moment, but they sure do!
  • Avoid heat sources. Feeling hungry while waiting on your repairs to wrap up? Grab some cold cuts! You definitely want to avoid anything that can generate more heat in your home. This means showers, hair dryers, and more than all else, cooking. Spare yourself the use of your stove, or you might find yourself cooking right along with the food!
  • Make liberal use of fans. Ceiling fans, table fans, box fans, anything that can generate a breeze. Fans don’t literally create cool air, or cool the air in your home. But they do aid your body in effective evaporation, wicking away sweat and carrying built up heat off of and away from your body. A room full of fans is not really any cooler than any room without, but it will feel about ten degrees cooler in front of a fan.
  • Stay hydrated! Dehydration will quickly leave your body overheated, and can make you feel downright awful when the heat is at its highest. Choose cool, fresh drinks for the most refreshing results. Try to shy away from sugary stuff for the time being; it tends to make most folks feel a bit sluggish in the heat (sugar rushes are a myth!)

Don’t worry! We’ll be there in a jiffy, so hang in there!