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Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioners: Cooling Your Kansas City Home

We field many questions from homeowners wondering about the best HVAC system for their home and one question we hear most often is which cooling system is better for their home—a heat pump or air conditioner. There’s no simple answer to that question, as we like to discuss home energy needs and use habits with each customer before recommending the best, individualized, cooling system for his or her home.

While most Kansas City area homeowners have a traditional AC system installed in their home, more and more are taking advantage of the benefits that come with installing a heat pump. But which is best for your home?

heat pump vs. air conditioner

Heat Pump Installation in Kansas City

At Top Notch, we’ve been installing, replacing, inspecting, and maintaining both heat pumps and air conditioners for over 40 years and can help you decide the best option for your family’s home comfort.

Looking to install a cooling system in your Kansas City home before the hotter months settle in? Read more and we’ll help you find the perfect system for you and your family! If you are ready to learn more about installing a heat pump in your home, give us a call!

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Benefits of Heat Pumps

Despite a heat pump having the word “heat” in its name, the system is actually an extremely energy efficient way to keep your home cool during the summer. A heat pump will be a primary heating and cooling source for your home—making it an investment from season to the next. In addition to providing year-round comfort, heat pumps:

  • Are extremely energy efficient – instead of converting electricity into cool air (and raising your energy bills), heat pumps absorb coldness from the ground and bring that cooled air into your home. Heat pumps are general much more energy efficient than traditional air conditioners.
  • Are cost effective – since the systems are very energy efficient, they usually lower your energy bills. Because you’ll be paying less month-to-month on your utilities, the installation and system costs usually pay off within five to six years.
  • Provide very consistent in heating – forget about your basement being freezing and your bedroom still feeling like a sauna in July—with a heat pump, this is not an issue. Different areas of your home will be very consistent in temperature and comfort.
  • Have a long lifespan – they typically last 15 years—more than enough time for you reap the benefits of the system and earn back more than the initial cost.

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Disadvantages of Heat Pumps

Some homeowners shy away from installing a heat pump because the system costs more than installing a new traditional AC. The installation cost may be a deterrent, but it should be viewed as an investment as the cost difference is usually made back within the first five to six years of use.

The systems have a more intricate installation process and must be set up and designed to work right and efficiently in order to reap maximum savings on cooling bills. Our heat pump technicians at Top Notch have decades of experience installing heat pumps within your neighborhood.

For homeowners in the Kansas City area, a heat pump can provide heating and cooling year round, but you will still need to install a furnace as a backup since temperatures can remain consistently below freezing during the winter.

And while not really a disadvantage, some heat pump owners are confused when “cool” air comes out of their vents in the winter. Furnaces push out air that is in the 90s to heat up the home, but heat pumps distribute air (taken from outdoors) at the desired temperature to heat a home. The air coming out feels cool yet still can bring a home temperature into the comfortable 70s.

Benefits of a New Air Conditioner

Want to stick with an air conditioner? You’re in luck—newer makes and models are even more energy efficient with advanced technological features that are not found in the current older model in your basement. New AC systems:

  • Are more energy efficient (especially ENERGY STAR rated models)
  • Have extended lifespan
  • Feature quieter operating cycles
  • Increase home value

Want to talk more about the advantages of installing a new air conditioner in your Kansas City area home? Contact us to speak with one of our specialists!

Free Estimate for Heat Pump & AC Installation in Kansas & Missouri

Whether you decide on a heat pump or air conditioner to keep your home cool this summer, the experts at Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing can keep your home comfortably cool this summer.

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