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Is Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Duct cleaning safely clears out and disposes of all the potentially lung-irritating debris that lines the inside of most home duct systems. Will every home benefit from duct cleaning? Most homes will gain many advantages, including better indoor air quality, from expert duct cleaning performed by Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing in Kansas City.

Duct Cleaning: Who Needs It?

The majority of houses here in the Kansas City, MO, area will notice an improvement in their IAQ (indoor air quality) after duct cleaning. There are a few exceptions, however, where duct cleaning may not be worth your while.

You may NOT need duct cleaning if:

  • You had your ducts cleaned within the past year or two.
  • You and your family have no allergies, lung, or breathing problems and aren’t susceptible to colds/flu.
  • You have no pets, small children, or elderly residents in your Kansas City home. (These individuals and pets can be more vulnerable to breathing problems from polluted indoor air. They also give off dander that builds up in the ducts, along with the other airborne debris from the home.)
  • Your home’s air smells fresh.
  • There is little dust seen floating in the air or dust buildup on surfaces in your home.
  • You’re in a new home, and your certain ducts were cleaned after construction/interior design. Duct cleaning after home construction/remodeling is crucial to your health, so if you’re not sure, have your ducts inspected by an expert HVAC contractor like Top Notch. Any new home build results in lots of dust and microscopic debris that you and your family won’t want to breathe into your lungs. Some of these substances could contribute to long-term health problems. A partial list of hazardous home construction debris that can remain in duct systems includes:
    • Sawdust
    • Dirt
    • Bacteria
    • Mold
    • Lung irritants such as chemical emissions from paint, sealants, solvents, adhesives, and more
    • Debris from recently installed insulation
    • Synthetic carpet fibers
    • Particles from your kitchen cabinets, bath tiles, and/or countertop

Duct Cleaning Benefits for Your Kansas City, MO Home

These are the things that make professional duct cleaning worthwhile:

  • Health advantages: Air duct cleaning helps remove airborne contaminants such as fungus, pollen, dust, pet dander and more from your home. Your family can enjoy relief from allergy symptoms and/or asthma, and everyone in your home can breath easier.
  • Equipment preservation: Duct cleaning can extend the life (and delay replacement) of your HVAC equipment. Duct system dirt can get into and damage your AC and furnace components, leading to expensive repairs or HVAC breakdowns.
  • Less housecleaning: You might need to clean and dust less with clean air ducts. Dust lining your ducts can be recirculated in your KC home’s air and, of course, land on your home’s surfaces.
  • Money (and energy) savings: Air duct cleaning reduces debris buildup in the HVAC system so that it can run efficiently. Clean systems don’t need to work as hard to keep your home comfortable.

When Duct Cleaning Is NOT Worth It

Note: If you hire an inexperienced duct cleaner, you can end up with worse indoor air quality than you had before. Incomplete, rushed work may loosen/ release duct debris into your home’s air supply and make you sick. Duct cleaners without proper equipment may dispose of debris carelessly, rather than properly containing it to protect your home.

Schedule a Duct Cleaning Inspection in Kansas City, MO & Lenexa, KS

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