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When to Call the Professionals for AC Repair

Kansas City residents know, all too well, that summer can be hot. In fact, some days, the combination of heat and humidity are downright stifling. The warm summer climate sends residents running in search of relief, which means that AC units usually run non-stop.

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If your AC isn’t keeping your home as cool as it should or used to, if it’s running and not cooling, shutting off after a few seconds, or not coming on at all, what should you do?  Perhaps it’s an easy fix that you can do yourself—or, it may be something more serious, requiring professional help.  How do you know when to call the professionals? And whom do you trust to perform the repairs?

For the average homeowner, performing even the most minor AC repairs can be intimidating.  You may be a little nervous that you’ll do more harm than good, ultimately incurring service fees, repair charges, and uncomfortable nights as you deal with downtime for your AC. But, by knowing what to look for, and performing the simple do-it-yourself fixes, you may find it’s not necessary to call a professional.

Common AC Issues

When your air conditioner isn’t working properly, your first instinct is probably to call a repairman. While it’s always prudent to have a professional check out the problem, there are a few things you can do first. Before you call a professional, check the following:

Thermostat Settings –Many homeowners contact a repair technician when the AC doesn’t engage, only to find out the thermostat was set for heat, or turned to off. In a town like Kansas City, it isn’t uncommon to switch from heat to AC in a day’s time. You can easily forget to switch the setting on your thermostat and grumbling can turn to panic when your air conditioner refuses to engage.

Thermostat Battery – Most programmable thermostats require batteries. When the battery is dead, the thermostat is unable to operate, causing concern for homeowners. Double-check your thermostat to make sure your battery is fresh. Refer to your user guide when replacing the battery.

Dirt and Debris – If the cold Kansas City winter had you housebound, it’s likely dust and debris collected in different areas of your home. Your AC unit collects dust and debris as well.  Make sure you change the filter every 2-3 months, as a clogged filter can cause your AC to work overtime, and it may overheat.

Blocked Drainage Tubes – If you see water pooling around your central air conditioning unit, it may be an indication of a blocked drainage tube. When a drainage tube is blocked, water can back up into the drain pan and cause your unit to shut off, as a safety measure, or work intermittently. Debris, ice, and even algae, have been known to cause a clog in AC hoses. If you’re unsure about what might be causing the blockage, call a professional. To wait or ignore the problem, will only make matters worse, resulting in expensive repairs, or replacement, down the road.

AC Repair Services in Kansas City

As with any home appliance, maintenance is key to keeping your AC in great working order.  Heating and cooling professionals offer AC maintenance and inspections for your home’s systems.  By having an expert inspect your heating and cooling systems, you’ll know about any repair issues before they become too costly, or worse, you’ll need AC replacement! Keep your AC running as it should, and preserve the life of your home cooling system. Don’t let a minor issue become a costly repair problem. Give Top Notch a call today for any and all of your AC repair needs, (913) 535-8002(913) 535-8002!