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Ways to Keep Cooling Costs Down

It’s heating up in the Kansas City area and it’s easy to get frustrated with rising cooling costs that summer brings. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to save money and keeping your cooling costs down!

Use that thermostat!

Your thermostat is your ultimate tool against high cooling costs over the summer – use it wisely! Keep the thermostat set between 74 and 78 F when you’re home during the day, and between 78 and 85 F when you’re not home or when you go to sleep. For added savings, install a programmable thermostat!

Use Fans

If you’re worried setting the thermostat that high will make your home too hot, use ceiling fans. They are much cheaper to use, and will move cool air around the house so you’ll feel more comfortable even if the air isn’t any cooler. Ceiling and standing fans are a great way to feel cooler while saving a lot of money.

Maintain Your Unit

Scheduling an AC inspection and tune-up every year will not only maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, but it can also help ensure that your unit operates at maximum energy efficiency – saving you more money on cooling costs.

In addition to having a professional air conditioner inspection, there are things you can do on your own to keep your unit in good shape. Change or clean your filters once a month to ensure proper airflow, and make sure your outdoor compressor is clean and there’s no debris around it – you don’t want anything blocking the heat that’s trying to escape!

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Remove Moisture from the Air

Moisture causes humidity, and humidity will retain heat and make your home feel warmer. Your air conditioner will provide some dehumidification, but there are things you can do as well. The most important is to make sure your exhaust fans are working properly – the kitchen and the bathroom are places where you generate the most moisture, and without an exhaust fan to carry that moisture away you could be adding humidity into your home. As much as you can, you should also try to avoid cooking and baking during the day to prevent your cooling system from working over time.

Avoid Adding Heat

Obviously the best way to keep your cooling costs low is to avoid adding heat into your home! Close all the windows and blinds in the house during the day to keep heat from the sun out. White shutters work best for this, as they will actually reflect the sunlight and keep your home even cooler. If possible, you can also try to landscape your home with trees and bushes to provide extra shade inside.

We hope everyone enjoys the rest of the summer and, remember, if you’ve been having problems with your air conditioner or you want a mid-summer air conditioner inspection within in the Kansas City area, call Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today!

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