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How to Keep Your AC From Breaking During a Heat Wave

There is nothing worse than your AC breaking during a heat wave. It can be much easier to warm a house up compared to cooling it down, and having your AC break when it is unbearably hot outside means you just might need to stay in a hotel. Or, you know, you could prevent it from happening in the first place. 

If you want to prevent your AC from breaking during a heat wave, there are a few things you can do.

How to Prevent Your AC from Breaking During a Heat Wave

If you want to prevent having to call for emergency AC repair in Overland Park here are a few things you can do before the heat wave hits.

  • Maintain Your AC System Keeping your system maintained on a yearly basis will prevent emergency calls and help your system run more efficiently and effectively.
  • Change Out Your Filters – It is a good idea to change out your filters every 2-3 months. You will want to change them out sooner if you have pets in the home or your AC has been running overtime.
  • Build a Shade Box Around Your Outdoor Unit – Shading your outdoor AC unit can take some pressure of the outdoor unit. You can use lattice or a fence, just be sure not to block the airflow.
  • Call for AC Repair in Overland Park – If you notice funny noises or you notice that your AC system just isn’t working right, call for AC repair before the weather heats up. This will ensure you get fast service and may prevent larger problems from arising.
  • Update Your Old Unit –  If your AC unit is older than 10-15 years and it has worked hard throughout its lifespan it may make more sense to install a new unit. It is best to do this before Summer really kicks in so that you can enjoy the energy efficiency savings and prevent multiple emergency repair calls.

What If You Do Need AC Repair in Overland Park?

If your system does decide to stop working when it’s 100 degrees outside, you need a team of AC repair experts that can get out to your home right away.

Top-Notch offers fast, high-quality service throughout our Kansas and Missouri neighborhoods. You can be assured that an expert that is certified and insured will turn up at your home and get your AC system working again quickly.

If you would like to prevent your AC system from breaking in the middle of a heatwave or you need AC repair, contact us today at Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.