Ductwork Fabrication & Modifications

Custom Ductwork in Olathe, Shawnee, Lee’s Summit, Leawood & More

A lot of people think ducts are just there to move air from the furnace or air conditioner through their homes. But ducts deserve more credit than that – they’re one of the most important components of your HVAC system, if not THE most important!

You can think of your air filters as the parts of your HVAC system that allow your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner to breathe. And a lot like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, your ducts need to be just the right size – too wide and the air will just fill them up and move slowly through your home, too small and it will be the same as you breathing through a straw! Properly installed ductwork can improve your airflow and energy efficiency quite a bit – so call Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for duct fabrication in Kansas City today!

Duct Design & Installation

Many people who wonder why their energy bills are consistently high don’t even realize their ducts are an issue. That’s where we come in! At Top Notch, we can inspect your ducts and figure out how to custom design them to maximize your energy efficiency. Then we can install your new duct system to save you money and space with ductwork built specifically for your home.

If necessary, we can custom fabricate sheet metal for your ductwork to build any necessary parts for your new duct system. Even if your entire duct system needs replacement, we can design and fabricate your ducts in less than one day!

Contact Top Notch online to schedule ductwork fabrication in Kansas today!

Why should you call Top Notch for duct fabrication?

Don’t be fooled by heating and air conditioning contractors or plumbers who say they can offer you the “cheapest rates in town.” Many times, they can offer this because they operate without a license, don’t pull the required permits and don’t carry insurance! Trust us – if there’s a safety issue at your home while they are performing plumbing or HVAC service, you could end up in serious trouble!

When you hire Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are not dealing with a “fly by night” scam operation – you’re getting top quality plumbing and HVAC service from a company that cares about your needs and gets the job done right the first time, every time.

The next time you need duct fabrication, don’t struggle to decide who you should call – make the right choice the first time by contacting Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for dependable HVAC services!

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