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Do You Need a Furnace Repair in Kansas City this Winter?

Posted On: January 12, 2016

If you are feeling cold in your home even though your thermostat is set to its usual temperature your furnace may be telling you that it is time for furnace repair. Quite often we won’t realize our furnace is in need of repairs until it breaks and can no longer heat our house to a …

Should You Install a Whole House Generator in Kansas City?

Posted On: December 14, 2015

As a Kansas City homeowner, you need to be prepared to handle any type of situation. Natural disasters or unexpected catastrophes can occur at a moment’s notice. Whether facing a tornado, thunderstorm, or another weather phenomenon, you are at risk for a power outage! What if you lose power for a few days? What if the …

What to Do If a Frozen Pipe Bursts in Kansas City

Posted On: November 25, 2015

When temperatures reach record lows, homes throughout Kansas City experience frozen pipes. Although frozen pipes sometimes thaw and your family can continue with their normal routine, that’s not always the case. When a pipe freezes, the ice expands and puts pressure on it from the inside—often resulting in a burst pipe. Frozen pipes aren’t a …

DIY Water Heater Maintenance

Posted On: November 16, 2015

Your home’s water heater is one of the most critical appliances heating your home year round—and often makes an unwanted impact on your utility bill. Since your hot water heater is a costly household expenses, keeping the unit clean and well-maintained can improve your energy efficiency, which can drastically affect your energy bill. Following the …

Is Your Heating System Ready For Winter?

Posted On: October 21, 2015

Furnaces are often left unattended throughout the warm summer months. We get it—no one wants to think about their furnace when temperatures are reaching the 90s. But you could be in for an unwelcome, and chilling surprise if you don’t test your furnace before winter arrives. The heating professionals at Top Notch Heating, Cooling & …

Tips to Keep Your Electric Bill Low This Winter

Posted On: October 15, 2015

We all love the festivities that come with fall and winter; Halloween parties, Thanksgiving meals, holiday celebrations and sledding. However, many of these activities help produce high electric bills. Just think – Christmas lights are on every night, kitchen appliances are used to prepare family meals, and the heat is turned up to keep kids …

What Is a Variable Speed Furnace?

Posted On: September 21, 2015

One of the most exciting new technologies to be introduced into the HVAC industry in the last few years is the variable speed furnace. In fact, this versatile and highly affordable appliance is redefining the market for home and business owners alike. Keep reading to learn why! More Efficiency! In the past, when the thermostat …

Importance of Early Fall Furnace Maintenance

Posted On: September 11, 2015

You may not want to think about cold weather coming, but it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the coming winter season in the Kansas City Metro and Johnson County areas. That means making sure that your heating system is ready to handle those days when the temperature barely rises above …

What Is A Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner?

Posted On: September 11, 2015

When you think of air conditioning, depending on your current and past homes, you may think of window air conditioners or central air conditioning systems. Those are the most common air conditioning systems in homes today. However, a third option exists that is rapidly gaining popularity: the ductless or mini-split air conditioner. How Does a …

Tips to Avoid Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

Posted On: June 25, 2015

No one ever wants to call for emergency air conditioner repair services—especially in the middle of summer in Kansas City. When cool air becomes non-existent in your home, waiting for general air conditioner repair services can seem like an eternity. Here are a few tips from the experts at Top Notch Heating Cooling & Plumbing …

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