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Signs You Need Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

From the Kansas City air conditioning experts at Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.

Residents of Kansas City depend on efficient home cooling systems to provide comfort and an escape from the heat that can plague Kansas & Missouri from late June well into September. For homeowners in Kansas City and the surrounding area, few situations are as frustrating as an air conditioning system that doesn’t cool. Having an unreliable air conditioner system just won’t do. Summer heat can make indoor living uncomfortable. Daytime hours are bad enough, but trying to sleep in a hot and stuffy home is just miserable.

Signs You May Need Emergency Air Conditioner Service

If your air conditioner has stopped working entirely, blows warm air, or comes on, but immediately shuts back off, you’ll need to schedule emergency air conditioner repair—especially if it is over 90 degrees outside. But, there are also some not-so-obvious signs of an impending air conditioner break down.  It is important to know what to look for when an air conditioner needs to be serviced. It could help lower the overall repair costs, or worse AC replacement.

Weird or unusual noises – Home heating and cooling systems have their own set normal operating sounds. You’ve probably become so familiar with your system’s unique noises that you no longer notice them. However, any time you hear unusual rattling, humming, buzzing, or sounds that are not the norm, shut down your system right away. The noises you hear could be coming from a broken fan belt, faulty fan blade, or something worse, such as an electrical or compressor issue. Don’t risk further, more costly repairs.

Lack of air flow – Weakened air flow is definite cause for concern, especially if you’ve recently replaced your system’s air filter. Blocked ducts or a failing blower may be the cause of your system’s feeble air flow. If you run your AC when the airflow is compromised it can cause your system to shut down.

Inefficient cooling – If it’s taking your AC an unreasonable amount of time to cool your home, you may just need more coolant. However, a system that fails to cool in a reasonable amount of time may be a sign of a failing compressor. Contact the professionals at Top Notch as soon as possible.

Emergency AC Repair in Kansas City

When your home cooling system shows signs of failure, trust your hometown AC experts at Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. We offer a full range of air conditioner services. We proudly provide emergency and next day service to ensure our friends and neighbors in the Kansas City area never have to compromise their comfort. Our expert air conditioner repair technicians will quickly find and diagnose your problems and fix it properly, the first time so you can be comfortable all season long! In addition to AC repair, we also provide AC maintenance and AC installation services.

When you call Top Notch for AC repair services, you get:

  • Emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Fast, and friendly service.
  • Up-front explanations and pricing. We want you to feel comfortable with our services.
  • Certified and trusted air conditioning technicians
  • Residential and commercial emergency services for all makes and models of air conditioning, furnace, and HVAC equipment.

Contact Top Notch today and you’ll be cool and comfortable in no time at all.