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DIY Water Heater Maintenance

Your home’s water heater is one of the most critical appliances heating your home year-round—and often makes an unwanted impact on your utility bill. Since your hot water heater is a costly household expenses, keeping the unit clean and well-maintained can improve your energy efficiency, which can drastically affect your energy bill. Following the routine water heater maintenance tips can make your water heater more effective—improving efficiency and reducing costs at the same time.

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Lower Water Heater Temperature

Although manufacturers often set water heater temperature at approximately 140 degrees, most households only need their water heaters to be set at approximately 120 degrees. And for every 10 degrees the water temperature is reduced, you save between $12 – $30 a year. A lower temperature also slows mineral buildup and corrosion in your water heater and pipes—a win-win!

Test the Temperature and Pressure Valve

In order to ensure your temperature and pressure valve (T&P) is operating properly, lift the left up slightly and then let it go—it should snap back quickly. Following this, a gurgling sound should be apparent because water just released into the drain tube. However, if no noises were heard, the T&P valve needs to be replaced.

Drain and Flush Water Heater Tank

It’s recommended you drain and flush your water heater tank at least once a year to remove any debris and sediment from the tank. If sediment remains on the bottom of the tank, you could experience rust, corrosion, and decreased efficiency—nothing you want to deal with! A full system flush is best, but if you need a simple and quick fix, you can perform a mini-flush. Start by placing a bucket underneath the drain valve (which is found near the bottom of the tank). Simply turn the valve counter-clockwise and release a few gallons of water into the bucket. This should remove majority of the debris and residue that has accumulated on the bottom of the water heater. Perform this mini-flush a few times a year or a full water heater flush once annually.

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Plumbing and Water Heater Services in Kansas City

Routine water heater maintenance is an absolute necessity for any homeowner. If you don’t perform a regular tune-up, you’re wasting money! If the above maintenance tips don’t make a difference in your increasingly high heating bills, give the water heating experts at Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing a call. We service the Kansas City, MO area, and can replace your hot water heater or provide plumbing repairs to ensure it is operating at maximum efficiency.

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