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What’s the Difference Between a Heat Pump and a Central Air Conditioner?

When you’re considering the best air conditioner installation for your Kansas City home, there are really a ton of options out there. Which is great because, hey, who doesn’t like options? But at the same time, it can create a bit of an issue as well. What cooling system works best to meet your unique needs?

At Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we’re all about providing answers. Working with our certified and highly skilled team, you can find the best cooling solution for your home no doubts about it! But that doesn’t mean a little research and answer-finding on your own wouldn’t hurt. In fact, we can help with that, too!

Central Cooling Versus Heat Pumps: What are the Differences?

As two of the most commonly used and effective systems used in air conditioner installation, heat pumps and central cooling are often compared. Is either one really better than the other? Not exactly. It all comes down to what you want, and what you’re looking for (the style and size of your home has a say in it as well, of course).

These two systems can both provide plenty of comfort and humidity control here in Kansas. And they both use the staples of a cooling system: closed-loop systems and refrigerant. But as far as how they operate, there are some key differences. Luckily, these can be summed up pretty quickly.

Key Differences

A central cooling system is one that was designed to deliver whole-home cooling through the use of ducts and ventilation. A “central” system operates in a closed loop to push hot air out, and generate cool air to replace it with within the home. Central systems are one of the more cost-effective to install, and generally provide plenty of power to fight off the summer heat.

A heat pump, on the other hand, is configured to not only blow hot air out, but to pull it in as well, as a heat pump can function as both an air conditioner and a heater all in one. Also, many modern-day heat pumps make use of a ductless (mini-split) system, obviating the need for duct installation and providing a zoning function for greater energy efficiency.

A heat pump can, however, have a harder time heating and cooling as it lacks the raw force of a central system. Though this is pretty much a non-issue here in Kansas City; our temperatures stay perfectly within a heat pump’s capabilities. Heat pumps are generally considered much cheaper to operate long-term, but are more expensive as far as air conditioner installation.

Top Notch Air Conditioner Installation in Kansas City

Unsure of which air conditioner installation would suit your home best? Don’t stress! Our certified and highly knowledgeable team is always at your beck and call, and we can guide you along to deciding on the best solution to meet your needs. Contact us any time and get the solutions you deserve with Top Notch!