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5 Things That Happen During a Furnace Maintenance Visit

Peruse any HVAC website and you’ll note the frequency with which experts tell you to get routine furnace maintenance. It’s no sales ploy! Routine care is the key to better efficiency, a more comfortable home, and a longer system lifespan. But what exactly is maintenance? What will a certified HVAC professional actually do when they get to your home? 

Our experts have been providing Johnson County homeowners with the best furnace services in Kansas City for years. When it comes to top notch quality, it’s all in the name! When you’re getting heating and cooling maintenance from a pro, there are some things you should expect to get done. And we’re here to clue you in on what those are.

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting HVAC Maintenance

When experts show up to provide you with the HVAC maintenance your system needs to keep working at its best, these will be the steps you should expect to see:

  • A comprehensive analysis of systems. A full check of all systems, functions, the accuracy of your thermostat, electrical connections, and more will be performed to ensure your system is running as smooth as it should be. This includes a check of all components as well to ensure there is no hidden damage like rust buildup or loose parts.
  • A check of your condensate system. Clogs or junk buildup in condensate systems can result in high humidity levels in the home, poor efficiency, breakdowns; even potential water damage. Our professionals will perform a total check of your condensate system to root out any potential faults.
  • A thorough cleaning. Built up dust and grime is one of the leading causes of reduced air flow, bad efficiency, and total system breakdowns. Maintenance includes a full cleaning of your entire system to avoid issues and ensure you’re getting the maximum in comfort control and energy-efficiency.
  • Repairs and replacement if necessary. One of the biggest perks of maintenance is finding a problem before it really becomes a true problem. If components are showing age, not working as well as they should be, or damage has gone unnoticed, your maintenance professional will find the problem and deal with it right away. This saves a lot of time and stress in the future, and can avoid some hefty repair costs down the road!
  • All of your furnace maintenance questions answered, and a full report. Clear communication is paramount to understanding the furnace services you’re getting, and to building positive, healthy business relationships between contractors and consumers. Your maintenance visit isn’t done until you are totally satisfied and are provided a detailed and clear report of all services provided, recommendations, and future services required.

Still have some questions about what goes into a maintenance visit? We are always happy to answer your questions! Speak to a Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing professional anytime online, or over the phone and we’ll gladly provide all of the information you need.

Furnace Maintenance in Shawnee & Overland Park with Top Notch

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