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Can Ceiling Fans Help Save Energy?

Ceiling fans are certainly popular in local homes here in the Lenexa, KS, and Kansas City areas. Have you ever wondered—do they actually do anything other than lend charm to your decor? Ceiling fans are, in fact, practical. They’re helpful in saving energy and lowering your home comfort costs.

How Do Ceiling Fans Cool in the Heat?

Ceiling fans circulate room air, creating a breeze. As the air blows across your skin, sweat evaporates, causing you to feel cooler. As you can imagine, ceiling fans are perfect for our humid summertime weather here in Kansas and Missouri. Ceiling fans help you feel cool and comfy—even if you raise your air conditioner thermostat setting a few degrees. This helps you save energy and money without sacrificing home comfort. Ideally, you should turn your ceiling fan off when leaving the room. Although the fan makes you feel cooler with its “wind chill” effect, it does not lower room temperature. It doesn’t do much good unless there’s someone in the room to enjoy it.

How Do Ceiling Fans Heat in the Cold?

Some homeowners reverse the direction of their ceiling fans and turn them on low in winter. (Most ceiling fans have a reverse setting that is controlled by a switch on main body of the fan.) This can help recirculate warm air from your home heating system, which naturally rises and accumulates near the ceiling. This may allow you to lower your thermostat setting in winter, use your furnace a bit less, and save energy year-round.

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan

With a nearly unlimited number of ceiling fan styles and finishes, with or without lighting, you’ll easily find one to accent your decor. Make sure to choose an energy-efficient ceiling fan that is properly sized for your room and have it professionally installed for best results.

Ceiling Fan Sizing Tips

If your ceiling fan is too large, it may send papers on your desk or table, along with any dust in the room, flying. Oversized ceiling fans may feel uncomfortably “windy” and also use more energy than necessary. Choose a fan that’s too small, of course, and it won’t be effective. Follow ceiling fan size guidelines from the US Department of Energy:

  • For rooms measuring up to 225 sq. ft., select a ceiling fan measuring 36 to 44 in. in diameter.
  • If your bedroom, living room, or other ceiling fan location measures more than 225 sq. ft., choose a fan of at least 52 in.
  • For rooms with a dimension over 18 ft., install more than one fan to cover the entire area adequately.

Installation Details Make a Difference

Professional ceiling fan installation follows best practices like:

  • Ceiling fans should be positioned at least 7 ft. feet above the floor, so installation on less than 8-foot ceilings is not recommended.
  • Fans should be about 11 in. below the ceiling, with fan blades at least 8 in. from the ceiling.
  • There should be 18 in. clearance between the end of fan blades and walls.

In addition, our installation technicians ensure your ceiling fan is wired correctly into your electrical system so that it operates safely. We make sure your fan blades are level so that the fan runs silently, as intended. We can also install a wall control to make fan operation simple for your family.

Ceiling Fan Installation in Lenexa, KS & Kansas City, MO

Get ready for energy savings all year with new ceiling fans for your home in Kansas or Missouri area. Trust the expert electricians at Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing for your ceiling fan installation!

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