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Time to Switch Your Heat Pump to COOL!

We were as surprised as anyone with the mild winter we just had, but now it’s time to switch your heat pump from HEAT mode to COOL mode! Switching your heat pump over to COOL isn’t hard – just flip the switch on your thermostat! And while you’re at it, check to make sure the fan is set to AUTO instead of ON – this simple thing can make or break your heat pump!

Why You Should Turn Your Fan to AUTO

Like air conditioners, your heat pump is designed to dehumidify your home as it cools. It works like this: When the blower runs, it pulls warm air from the rooms in your home through the return vents. As the warm air passes over the refrigerant coil, moisture condenses on the cold coil – this is how the heat pump dehumidifies.

The problem comes in if you leave your blower fan set to ON. If the fan never gets a chance to shut off, the moisture on the coil will never get to drain, and it won’t be long before it freezes solid! Needless to say, this can cause major problems for your heat pump.

If you keep your fan set to AUTO, it will shut off when the compressor shuts off, giving the condensate time to drain. In fact, keeping your fan set to AUTO can help reduce indoor humidity levels by 10 – 15%!

Many people think that keeping the fan on their Kansas City heat pump set to the ON position will keep them more comfortable throughout the year. Unfortunately, the opposite is true – when the fan is set to ON, you could have major problems with humidity! Instead, keep your fan set to AUTO and call Top Notch every time you need heat pump service in Kansas City!