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5 Shocking Reasons You Should Clean Your Ducts Annually

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Your air ducts are like the lungs of your house. If you want clean, fresh air you need to keep allergens, dust, and other debris out of them. This is where duct cleaning comes in.

Air ductwork cleaning has rapidly become one of the most popular services modern HVAC companies like Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provide. And it certainly deserves the attention! Curious to know what an annual air duct cleaning can provide for your home? The answers might surprise you, so read on to find out!

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Five Surprising Reasons Why a Yearly Ductwork Cleaning Is Critical

Unfortunately, like any popular service, duct cleaning has been hyped in some shady ways. Many of the “benefits” you can find online are the digital equivalent of snake oil, and can be really misleading. But at Top Notch, we’re all about the answers, and these perks are the real deal:

  • Improved HVAC efficiency. If you’re savvy about HVAC maintenance, you probably already know how important changing your air filter routinely is. But did you know that keeping your ducts free and clear can have a very similar impact on the efficiency of your system? Choking dust can accumulate rapidly, blocking healthy air flow and reducing the effectiveness of your system if it’s allowed to settle for too long.
  • Better home air quality. In Kansas City, our allergy seasons are rough. Dust, pollen, pet dander, cigarette smoke; any one of these can quickly deteriorate the air quality in your home, exacerbating allergies and harming respiratory health. Trouble is, all of these common allergens are present in your ducts at any given time (except maybe cigarette smoke depending on your preferences, of course). Duct cleaning removes the buildup of these, making your air more breathable by a mile.
  • Reduce the risks of mold and pest infestation. As if dust and debris isn’t bad enough, mold spore and even insects can make a cozy home of your ductwork! Mold spores are actually very common in outdoor air, and when enough of them settle into your ducts, you can be looking at a costly infestation in a hurry. And bugs, spiders, and other pests are no different. Give them a dark, never cleaned place to thrive, and they’ll do just that.
  • Rid your home of stinky, musty smells. Dust, smoke, and pet dander are bad enough on your lungs, but they can make your house musty and stinky in a hurry. Are you always cleaning, but never quite banishing that thick, heavy smell in your home? If so, you probably haven’t had a duct cleaning in a while!
  • Stop potential fires! We’ll admit that this is certainly an outlier issue, but the fact remains that it is very, very possible as well. Particularly so in the winter, when your ducts are full of dry, highly-flammable dust that gets rapidly heated by way of your furnace. Is it extremely likely? No, not really. But why leave any risk at all for a problem that is so easily solved?

Top-Class Ductwork Cleaning Services with Top Notch in Kansas City

For service and quality you can depend on, you can always trust Top Notch! Our experts always put your needs first, and our duct cleaning services use industry-leading equipment wielded by highly skilled and experienced professionals. Ready to get the best in duct cleaning services, or looking to learn more? Contact our team online today!