Heat Pump Replacement

If you have a heat pump, you already know how efficiently they keep your home comfortable no matter what the season. Like everything, however, heat pumps are not designed to work forever. Most heat pumps are designed to work for about 15 years (sometimes more depending on how often you have heat pump inspection or service). If your heat pump is getting up in age and you’re afraid it’s about to give up the ghost, don’t worry – just call Top Notch for heat pump replacement!

When should you get heat pump replacement?

If your heat pump is getting old but still seems to be working well, you might be able to coax a few more years out of it – just be sure to keep up with your air conditioner maintenance and inspections and you should be fine! However, there are definitely a few warning signs that will pop up, telling you need heat pump replacement:

Your heat pump is more than 10 years old – again, this isn’t a sure sign that you need heat pump replacement. If your existing heat pump is getting old, however, you should consider replacing it with a newer, more efficient model that could save you hundreds on your energy bills!

You need frequent repair or your energy bills are going up – if you find yourself needing to constantly have your heat pump fixed, or if you think you’re losing some heat pump efficiency, it might be time for heat pump replacement. If your heat pump breaks down more than twice a season, it might be more cost-effective to have heat pump replacement to take care of the problem completely.

Some rooms are too hot while others are too cold – uneven heating in your home could be the result of a few different things, including faulty ductwork, inadequate insulation or, most commonly, heat pump failure. If your home has uneven heating and cooling and you think you need heat pump replacement, call Top Notch Heating and Cooling!

Your home has humidity problems – uncomfortable humidity levels in your home are usually indicative of either leaky ductwork or poor heat pump operation. If you call Top Notch, we can recommend heat pump replacement or another procedure to help get your home comfortable again.

If your heat pump has reached the end of the road and you’re ready for heat pump replacement, call Top Notch Heating & Cooling today!

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