Heat Pump Repair & Service

As the preferred HVAC system for many people throughout the Kansas City area, heat pumps conveniently provide both heating and cooling to keep your home comfortable all year long. Heat pumps are different from conventional furnaces and air conditioners because they don’t burn fuel to create heat – instead, they rely on a special kind of refrigerant to transfer heat into or out of the home, depending on the season.

Now that you’ve installed your heat pump into your Kansas City home, you are most likely benefitting from the energy efficiency and comfort year-round. But what happens when your heat pump needs maintenance or repair? Top Notch’s heat pump technicians are certified and experienced in all heat pump repair needs—we’ve been servicing the area for over 35 years!

Heat pump repair is best left to the professionals and also best addressed early on to avoid expensive repair or replacement down the road. Contact us online to schedule your heat pump repair today!

Kansas City Heat Pump Repair Experts

At Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we have seen and repaired every possible heat pump problem–from seized motors to malfunctioning defrost timers and everything in between. In fact, as you can probably tell, there are a number of signs that your heat pump needs repair or maintenance, including:

  • Inadequate heating or cooling – this is usually caused by low refrigerant charge, low air, or water flow rates or an undersized unit.
  • Unit not operating in heating mode – this can be caused by a high or low pressure lock-out, a stuck reversing valve, or a compressor failure.
  • Your heating costs are higher than normal – there are many reasons why your monthly energy bills keep rising. Your heat pump may not be operating in heating mode (see above), you could have improper control settings, you could be using your thermostat improperly, or the thermostat might be defective.
  • Low supply air temperature at grilles – this is not necessarily a problem with heat pumps – low temperatures are normal. However, if you feel like the indoor airflow rate is too high, you may want to call for heat pump repair.
  • Oversized unit – if your heat pump cycles on and off frequently but fails to provide adequate dehumidification or efficiency, your unit may be oversized. This is not necessarily a heat pump repair job but can be fixed with professional heat pump replacement.
  • Frozen compressor – this can be caused by inadequate elevation of your air source heat pump, especially in areas where snowfall can block drainage of condensate and cause it to freeze in the unit. Frozen heat pumps can also be caused by dirty air filters in the spring.

Schedule Your Heat Pump Repair in Kansas City

No matter what problems your heat pump is having, Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing should be the first ones you call for repair or services! Our heat pump repair experts have been fixing heat pumps throughout the Kansas City area for decades. If you need heat pump repair, call us today at (913) 535-8002(913) 535-8002!

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