Heat Pump Installations in Lenexa, KS & Kansas City, MO

Installing a heat pump in Kansas City is a smart choice. Heat pumps both heat and cool your home, and you only need auxiliary heat in the coldest of temperatures. Want more reasons? Heat pumps:

  • Use less energy
  • Both heat and cool your home
  • Can take up less space
  • Are more environmentally-friendly than a furnace or central air conditioner
  • Are easy to use
  • Don’t use fossil fuels to operate

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Is it Smart to Install a Heat Pump in Kansas City?

Installing a heat pumps is extremely smart because heat pumps work as both heaters and air conditioners. They applying the principles of air conditioning (pulling heat out of the air before blowing it into your home) in reverse – pulling in heat from outside and using that to heat the air in your home. This transfer of heat allows them to effectively heat your home without burning fuel – doesn’t get any more efficient than that!

The question most people ask us about heat pump installations is:

Do Heat Pumps Work When It Gets Cold?

Yes! Think about it this way – what’s the coldest your refrigerator can get to? Pretty cold, right? Refrigerators work the same way that heat pumps and air conditioners work (albeit on a smaller scale), meaning that they can pull out heat energy even when it seems really cold in the fridge already.

Your heat pump operates the same way. Just because it doesn’t FEEL warm doesn’t mean there isn’t heat in the air, and a heat pump can pull it out and use it to heat your home. In fact, most heat pumps have an operating range as low as 25 F!

Best of all, heat pump technology is improving every day! Many modern heat pumps include what are known as Reverse Cycle Chillers (RCCs), which eliminate the periodic blowing of cool air that most heat pumps go through during their defrost cycles. RCCs also allow heat pumps to operate at much lower temperatures – in fact, some RCCs can provide hot water at 115 F even when it’s 15 F outside!

You can opt for back-up burners or even a back-up heating system in case we have freezing snap, but you won’t use it very often.

Install Your Heat Pump This Weekend!

If you live in Kansas City and are tired of paying too much on your monthly energy bills, call Top Notch Heating & Cooling. We can install a heat pump in your home and keep you warm for less! Schedule your consultation now, your energy bill will thank you!

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