Furnace Replacement in Lenexa, KS & Kansas City, MO

Pop quiz—how old is your furnace? Does it work as well as it used to? Furnaces can be extremely efficient and effective heating systems, but, like everything, they have a limited lifespan—usually about 10 – 15 years. After that, you may start to experience drops in efficiency and more frequent furnace breakdowns. If your furnace is starting to get old and you think you need furnace repair or furnace replacement, call Top Notch Heating & Cooling today!

Signs That You Need Furnace Replacement

Since furnace replacement can be a big investment, it’s important that you make sure you figure out whether you really need it or not. To figure out if you need furnace replacement, ask yourself the following questions:

Is your furnace more than 10 years old?

Like we said, a furnace that is more than 10 years old may be barely hanging on. As your furnace gets older, not only does it start to lose efficiency but newer furnace models come out that are much more efficient – furnace replacement becomes a win-win!

Are your heating bills going up?

If your heating bills are increasing faster than fuel prices, this is a sure sign that something’s wrong with the furnace. To figure out if you should get furnace replacement, calculate how much you could save on your heating bills with a new one. If the savings justify the cost of a new furnace, call Top Notch for furnace replacement!

Do you need frequent furnace repair?

As furnaces get older they start to need more frequent repairs – this is especially true as they approach the last 2 or 3 years of their lives. If you find that you’re paying almost as much in repairs as you paid for the furnace in the first place, this is a good sign that you need furnace replacement.

Is your home evenly heated?

If you set your thermostat at one temperature and certain rooms in your house are much hotter than that while others are much cooler, you could have two problems: one is that your ductwork is leaky and needs to be sealed. The other is that your furnace lacks the ability to effectively move heat around through your home.

What color is your burner flame?

If the flame on your burner is yellow instead of blue, you could have a serious problem – namely, that your furnace is creating carbon monoxide! Other signs of carbon monoxide creation are: streaks of soot around the furnace, no upward draft in your chimney, rusting on pipes and jacks, excessive moisture on windows, walls and other cold surfaces and water leaking from the base of your chimney, vent or flue pipe. Obviously carbon monoxide is extremely hazardous, and if your furnace is producing it you need to have it repaired or go for full on furnace replacement immediately.

Is your furnace making strange noises?

Strange noises, such as banging, popping, rattling or squealing, are typically indicative of furnaces that have reached the end of their lifespan. In addition, if you can hear your blower fan running constantly, this is a sign that you might need furnace replacement.

Call Top Notch for Furnace Replacement in Lenexa & Beyond

If you’ve been experiencing any of the above symptoms and think you might need furnace replacement, call Top Notch Heating & Cooling today! We offer furnace services—including repair, replacement, and maintenance—to customers in Lenexa and Lawrence, KS and throughout the greater Kansas City, MO area!

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