Furnace Installation Services in Overland Park, Kansas

Are you looking for an energy efficient way to heat your home in the winter? Maybe you’re building a new home in the Overland Park, Kansas area or you want a new heating system to replace your old and worn out system. Whatever the case may be, if you want to install a new heating system, make it a new gas furnace! Gas furnaces are extremely energy efficient and effective heating systems that can keep your Overland Park area home comfortable and warm throughout those brutal Midwest winters.

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Gas Furnace Installation

At Top Notch, we can install furnaces of any make and model. When you call Top Notch for furnace installation, our techs will first size up your home to determine the exact size furnace you’ll need in order to maximize your heating system’s efficiency all winter long.

If your heating system is professionally fit and sized for your Overland Park home, your unit will be able to run at maximum efficiency for years—saving you money and the hassle of replacing it again in just a few years.

At Top Notch, we have been installing furnaces and heating units in the Overland Park area since 1974. Contact us to get a new furnace installation estimate today!

Why should you install a gas furnace?

If you want to install a heating system in your home, you basically have two options: heat pump installation or furnace installation. Both will provide reliable, energy efficient heating, but furnaces might just have a slight edge:

Gas furnaces are energy efficient

Gas furnaces are the most efficient type of furnace. While all gas furnaces on the market today are required to have AFUE ratings of 78 percent, most models have much higher ratings than that and many are in the high 90 percent range!

Gas furnaces are clean

Natural gas burns fairly clean, which means that not only are gas furnaces less costly to run than other types of furnaces, but they also require less space to exhaust their emissions – an 8 inch PVC pipe should be all you need!

If you want to install a gas furnace in the Overland Park area, call Top Notch Heating & Cooling today! Our certified and experienced HVAC company can also provide services for all of your heating & cooling needs in the Overland Park area, including:

Why Choose Top Notch?

Don’t be fooled by HVAC contractors who say they can offer you the “cheapest” installations in your area. Most of the time they can offer you these rates because they operate without a license, don’t pull the required permits and don’t carry insurance! Trust us—we have been proudly serving Overland Park since 1974. We take pride in knowing every single one of our customers is completely satisfied and every job is done completely and correctly – the first time.

Other furnace services include:

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