Emergency Backup Power for Grocery Stores

Power outages are the most frequent disasters to hit grocery stores. The average power outage only lasts four hours, but two hours is all it takes for produce, meat and prepared deli foods to spoil. There’s no way to predict when the next big storm or equipment failure will plunge your Kansas City grocery store into darkness for several hours or even days.

A blackout can result in huge inventory losses. If you are a grocery store owner, you should consider investing in emergency backup power for your establishment. For more information and a free estimate, call us today at (913) 535-8002(913) 535-8002.

How Power Outages Affect Grocery Stores

In a retail space where daily functions rely so heavily on electricity, a power outage can be devastating. Consider the ways your grocery store could be affected by a blackout:

  • No refrigeration: All grocery stores have at least a small frozen and refrigerated section. Many others have several isles dedicated to selling perishable food products. Without refrigeration, a large amount of inventory could be lost, costing you thousands of dollars or more.
  • No heating or air conditioning: These basic modern conveniences become unavailable during power failure, which could be detrimental at the peak of summer or the dead of winter.
  • No lighting or security systems: Darkness can cause shoppers and employees to panic. The combination of no light and no security sends retail spaces into chaos and may facilitate shoplifting.
  • No computers or cash registers: Anyone hoping to make a purchase during a power outage can’t because computers and cash registers are down. Grocery store shelves are often stripped bare during emergency situations as people stock up on food, water and other necessities to make it through the emergency. If your store doesn’t have power, you miss out on this opportunity to overcome your competition.

Imagine having a backup generator for your grocery store during a power outage. Not only will you prevent devastating losses from spoiled food and shoplifters, but your building can also be a port in the storm for people seeking light, warmth or air conditioning. You can also continue to sell the products people so desperately need during an outage and help the whole incident blow over with far fewer negative consequences for your business.

Commercial Backup Generators

Grocery stores are some of the most energy-intensive commercial buildings. High refrigeration and lighting requirements mean a large-scale backup generator is a must to function during a power outage. Depending on the size of your grocery store and specific site restrictions, a single generator may be sufficient, or you may need multiple generators connected in parallel and installed around the building. A transfer switch to accommodate a mobile generator could also be the right option.

Apart from sizing needs, you must also select the proper fuel for your commercial backup generator. On-site diesel is the traditional choice, but it’s far from being your only option. Natural gas and liquid propane are additional choices that hook up your generator to gas lines, so you don’t need to store gas on-site or refuel a tank. Flexible options make it easy to choose the perfect backup generator solution for your grocery store.

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