Emergency Backup Generators in Kansas City, MO

No season is safe from power outages. Thunderstorms during warm weather can down power lines and plunge entire city blocks into darkness. Snowstorms in cold weather wreak havoc of their own, leaving homes and businesses cold and dark until the power is restored. Are you willing to sit it out for hours or even days, or do you want to enjoy air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, and lighting like normal, even when the power is out for everyone else?

Emergency backup generators are what allow home and business owners to go about life as usual even in the aftermath of a storm or other blackout-causing incident. Call today for more information at (816) 379-3832!

Residential & Commercial Generators in Kansas City, MO

Residential and commercial generators come in many sizes and capacities. From small generators that power just a few home appliances to large-scale power solutions for commercial applications, getting a generator to provide power for your entire home or business is a good move if you don’t want a blackout to affect daily life.

Fully-automatic solutions kick in when the grid goes offline, even if you’re not in the vicinity, which is important for preserving perishable food and preventing frozen pipes in the winter. Models that run on natural gas or propane prevent you from having to store gas or refuel the generator.

Portable Generators for Kansas City Homeowners

In a time when electricity is so necessary for daily function, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Most modern conveniences rely on electricity. Even gas-powered water heaters and furnaces can’t function without electricity because they need power for pumps and motors.

Emergency power is important for sustaining home comfort during a blackout. After just a few hours without electricity, you already feel the effects of life without modern conveniences.

Fortunately, discomfort and inconvenience are easy to circumvent with a portable generator for your Kansas City home. Next time there is a power outage, your home will be the only one on the block with power! The investment is well worth the peace of mind and comfort that come from having an emergency power source when you need it most.

If you live in the Kansas City area and are interested in a portable generator, contact Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today!

What Types of Businesses Need Backup Generators?

Homeowners can benefit from portable generators mostly from a convenience standpoint, but for some commercial buildings, not having power prevents huge losses and can even be a matter of life and death. Businesses that need emergency power the most include:

  • Grocery stores: Refrigeration is of course vital for keeping food at a safe temperature—don’t let your grocery store or market go without power! An emergency generator provides peace of mind for grocery store owners and prevents tremendous waste.
  • Government or secure buildings: Imagine if the power went out in a prison where electric door locks flew open. Or in a secure government building where vaults and other secure areas opened by themselves. Generators work to secure government buildings during a power failure.
  • Hospitals: Just think if a power failure occurred in the middle of a delicate surgery. Or if life support equipment suddenly stopped receiving power. These and other life and death situations would be catastrophic in hospital settings without emergency generators. Instantaneous backup systems kick in emergency power without any delay.

If you own a business in the Kansas City area and need a backup generator for emergency power, call Top Notch at (816) 379-3832 today!

Call Top Notch for Emergency Backup Generators in Kansas City

For help selecting the right emergency backup generator for your needs, rely on the experts at Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing! We have been serving the Kansas City, MO metro and Johnson County, KS areas since 1974, and we’re willing to help any homeowner or business owner with your HVAC, plumbing, and emergency power needs!

For more information about backup generators, contact us today.

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