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Normal or Not? What That Smell in Your Vent Means

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Funky odors from your heating and cooling system got you worrying? Don’t stress out! The certified HVAC experts at Top Notch Heating, Cooling & Plumbing have you covered. Our team has encountered every problem under the Kansas City sun, so scroll down to find out if that smell in your vents is something to worry about and what’s causing it. 

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Common HVAC Ductwork and Vent Odors in Kansas City

Who knew that a single system could produce so many smells? Here’s a full list of what you can encounter, and what to do when you catch a whiff:

  • Dusty, thick smells. Is the air from your ducts and vents smelling a lot like an abandoned attic? Dusty smells can be fairly normal, provided they don’t stick around. You can get a bit of dust in your vents after long periods of disuse, and you might note a musty odor for the first minute or two of kicking your system on for the first time of the season. But if that scent is sticking around, you probably have a big buildup in your ventilation. An easy fix with some professional ductwork cleaning services!
  • Sickly sweet and rotting smells. You’ve probably smelled this one once or twice in the past. Just hopefully not from your vents or HVAC system. If so,  the smell you’ve encountered is mold and mildew infesting your ducts. Gross, sure, but not as uncommon as you might think. Mold spore is very present in the outdoors air here in Kansas, and it can wind up in your ducts fairly easily. Left alone too long, this can rapidly accumulate into a full on infestation, which can harm not only your heating system, but your home as well! To avoid this, be sure to change your air filter often, and get duct cleaning services routinely.
  • A smell like bad eggs. A clear indication of a gas leak, a sulfurous or rotten egg smell should be dealt with immediately to stay safe (fun fact: natural gas doesn’t actually have a perceptible smell. What you’re smelling is an added chemical called mercaptan that gas companies put in the gas to act as a warning sign of gas leaks).
  • Burning smells. If you ever, ever notice a smell akin to burnt wiring or melted plastic, be sure to shut off power to your heating and or cooling system immediately. The problem is most likely damaged electrical components, and if this is ignored you could end up with a house fire in a hurry. Contact an electrician right away, and reach out to our emergency services professionals to get immediate furnace repair services.

First-Rate Ductwork Cleaning Services in Kansas City

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