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Benefits of having a fireplace in your home

Happy New Year from Top Notch! The holidays are behind us now, and we’re getting into the nitty-gritty of the cold season. One great way to fight this cold, besides central heating, is to utilize your home’s fireplace!

1. Energy efficiency

When using a fireplace for heating in your home, you remove some of that weight from a centralized furnace system. The cost of firewood over time is far more efficient than the cost of electricity and gas, so utilizing this appliance can do wonders for your heating bill! You can become far less reliant on electricity companies, and you can tailor your home’s usage to your own needs.

2. Eco-friendly heating

In addition, utilizing your fireplace decreases your reliance on electric and gas companies, which lowers your consumption of fossil fuels and generated electricity to warm your home. Not only are your bills going down, but you’re helping the planet as well!

3. Ambience

Finally, there’s nothing quite like sitting in a room with your fireplace. Fireplaces bring an incredibly cozy, intimate feeling that is perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a night in. Whether gathering with loved ones or sitting and reading alone, both are made wonderful by the fireside.

With its use, it’s also important to consider the cleanliness of one’s fireplace. Over time, use of the fireplace can lead to layers of creosote buildup, which can be highly flammable. Cleaning your fireplace not only makes it safer, but more efficient and longer lasting as well. Top Notch offers a cleaning that services the gas parts of the fireplace, including the ignitor, gas log, grate, firebox, and other important components to keep your fireplace running safely and efficiently for years to come. Call or click to schedule an appointment today!